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Access to images & reports

MRC is proud to be one of the first in Australia to move into a fully integrated and encrypted,CLOUD-BASED RIS/PACS solution. All referrers (General Practitioners, Specialists and Allied Health Care) – private or public - will ultimately be able to view images and reports at anytime in any part of the world. Features also allow sharing of information for second opinions, during surgical intervention and immediate transfer to the public hospital of urgent images when required.

Health professionals can view patient images online by following the link provided on the relevant report.

We deliver radiology reports directly to your practice management system.


At MRC, we encourage health practioners to contact us at any time for advise, special or urgent requests or feedback.We believe the open policy of patient management is vital in enhancing the wellbeing of our patients. Give us a call at 08-9434 9620 and our friendly staff will direct your call to the relevant doctor.