General X-ray & OPG

What is an X-Ray?

X-rays are a simple, quick and effective way of visualising bones and joints of different body parts. In addition images of the lungs are also reasonably well seen on plain X-ray.

Preparing for my X-Ray?

  • If you have been referred by your doctor for an X-ray and would like to make an appointment, please contact us. Appointments are not essential for X-Rays.
  • Please bring your referral form(s) from your medical practitioner or other allied health practitioner. We also accept referral forms from other radiology practices.
  • You may not have to change into a gown if you wear thin/light clothing without metal zips, buckles, hooks, and buttons close to the area being imaged.
  • It is also advised that jewellery and other metals are removed or not worn before attending the scan.
  • No additional preparation is needed for a plain X-ray.

Before the X-Ray

    Patients are not always x-rayed in order of arriving in the x-ray department. Patients in the waiting area may be having other examinations such as CT, bone densitometry or ultrasound scans and are not waiting for plain x-rays.

During the X-Ray

  • All x-ray examinations will be performed by an experienced radiographer.
  • A single examination will take an average of 10 minutes, but may take up to one hour for stretcher patients in need of x-raying multiple body areas.
  • You will be asked to lie or stand in different positions while the images are acquired.

After the X-Ray

  • All plain x-ray examinations are digital radiographs. Images are available promptly after your study to the Radiologists. After the radiologist’s reports on your images, the reports will be typed and automatically uploaded, faxed or delivered to your doctor.
  • Please return to your doctor to discuss your x-ray results.


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